Plans for 64bit compatibility (on Windows)?

Hi ROOT team,

I read here, that ROOT works only in 32bit applications. I want to use ROOT in my 64bit application and will probably need to implement some non-trivial IPC between my 64bit application and a 32bit process that uses the ROOT-related part. Before I do this, even though I assume that the answer will be ‘no, and never ask that again’ (phrased in a polite way :smiley:), I wanted to ask if there are any plans about making ROOT work in 64bit applications?

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On all platform but Windows, we have been releasing a 64 bits version (actually our main version) for years. On Windows, we are putting the final touches to the port to 64 bits. (i.e. it will be released soon but not precise date yet; you might even venture trying out the master to see if it already work well enough for you)

To be more precise, let’s say the port to Windows 64 bit was started and is about 20 percent complete (roughly). Unfortunately, due to recent change in priorities, that might take more time than expected. I have to try, but I thing in its current state it doesn’t even fully compile, and definitively doesn’t run. But stay tuned, it will be announced as soon as it is available and functional on 64 bit Windows

Very cool, thank you! Could you recommend the most comfortable information channel so I’ll know when I can play around with it? Should I regularly watch

Since there is quite some people waiting for it, I guess this will be announced here, even before an official release :wink:

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