Placing entries in the following tree structure

Can anyone tell me how to do the following. It should be easy but running into some problems :angry:

I have a root file which has the following structure.

Calibrations.root (file)----
Calx (Tree) ------
E1 (Branch)
E2 (Branch)


So you can see that within each branch of the tree I have two leafs corresponding to energy and bin number. How do I place some float number into either ‘Energy’ or ‘Bins’.

Thanks for you help in advance.

Formulated this way, your question looks very strange?
Why don’t you add a new branch for your floats?
Note that the best way to create a Tree is to create a class and pass a pointer
to this class to TTree::Branch to create the top level branch of a Tree.
In this case each member of your class is automatically split into a branch.