Pile up reweighting for different binning

Dear All,

For pile up reweighting is it possible to use a reweighting file having a different binning with respect to true pile up distribution having equidistant binning in event? While making reweighting file equidistant in bin will defeat the purpose of variation of weight factor as a function of pile up.


Hi Amandip,

what is exactly the concrete feature of ROOT histograms you are after?


Actually for pile up reweighting I have the root file given by twiki of 0-80 with 800 bins. And for my analyzer I need euidistant binning i.e 0-80 80 bins for nPU . Using Rebin will kill the artifact of weight variation per bin. So should I need to generate my own re-weighting root file or I can use this as the binning for both the distribution have to be same.


the page you link is protected. Isn’t this a question for the CMS community? This forum is dedicated to the ROOT support: is there a missing feature or a problem you’d like to point out with ROOT itself?


Thats right but basically I am trying to change a root file of 0-80 with 800 bins to equidistant binning. Not using Rebin. Using features GetBinCenter(). What can be best way doing that ?

For some ideas, see:

See also the TH1::Merge and this TH1::Add and that TH1::Add method descriptions.

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