Phys Vectors


the class TVector3 and TVector2 is impraticable without the basic vectorial operations +,-,* and / … these operators have been implemented in TLorentzVector class, but why not in TVector3 and in TVector2 ?

Did you really try?
These two classes have all the operators you are talking about.


Talking about interfaces:

I start a little to hate the diversity of interfaces.

Took me quite a while to pin down “a bug” in my program -
that is to realize ( again ) that TVector2::Rotate() is NOT a void function. But TVector3::Rotate() IS.

Aren’t they supposed to be one package ?

Oh…, I thought I was rotating 2d vectors along with 3d ones, but no-no-no, they speak different language.

And don’t even get me started on TLorentzVector with it’s mass or energy ambiguity, or Phi() with it’s -pi +pi or 0-2pi -you never guess right - range.