sorry I have to ask this question again. I search the php and found the related topic, but this link of the answer is not valid any more: … ImageDemo(&what=surfaces

I’m in windows xp using root 5.18 and php5. I tried to call root in php like:

<?php exec("root -b -l -q myprogram.C") ?>

here in myprogram.C it will generate some gif figures and store. but nothing happened or saved. I can run this command in windows cmd shell so the path of root is correct.

I also tried like:

<?php exec("c:\\root\\bin\\root.exe -b -l -q c:\\myprogram.C") ?>


<?php exec("start /b root -b -l -q myprogram.C")?>

or system(…), passthru(…) etc, still doesn’t work.

I’ve figure out how to do it. Thanks a lot for your attention.

for the record, could you post your solution?



  1. make sure ROOTSYS is correct. You may add ROOTSYS to administrator account.

  2. use <?php exec("root -b -l -q myprogram.C > log") ?>