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Photon collision rates could not be calculated?

I want to use Garfield++ to simulate some gas files
The gas parameters are set like this,

  • This prompt appears when running the file,But the program can continue to run

I would like to ask how to solve such a problem
looking forward to your reply

the message is harmless. A long time ago I played a bit with including photon transport in the avalanche simulation, and for that purpose I implemented photon cross-section tables for a few gases. But this whole thing never went beyond the experimental stage.
The message just means that there are no photon cross-section data available for this gas mixture, but it doesn’t matter at all because by default they are not used anywhere in the program.
I probably should just remove the message.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Since this message is harmless, I’m going to go ahead and calculate it

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