Periodical electrodes and drift area definition using field map of one pixel

Dear experts,

Sorry of interrupting you during holiday. I have a question about defining an electrode array using field maps of one pixel.

What I have is 1 pixel’s field map and weighting field map from TCAD. Now I want to simulate the drifting of carriers in 5*5 pixels.

What I tried is using componentTcad3D to input the pixel field maps:

ComponentTcad3d fm;
fm.Initialise(“[GRID].grd”, “[FIELD].dat”);
fm.SetWeightingField(“[FIELD].dat”, “[WEIGHTING].dat”, 10.0, “sign”);


Then after the definition of sensor, I used:

Sensor sensor;
sensor.SetArea(-500.e-4,-500.e-4,0,600.e-4,600.e-4,500.e-4); //extended area
sensor.AddElectrode(&fm, “sign”);

Finally in tracks definition, I use a track going across multiple pixels:
track.NewTrack(1e-3, 1e-3, 500.e-4, t0, -0.5, -0.5, -sqrt(2)/2);

It seems that the carrier generation and drifting calculation only considered the part of track inside the region defined by TCAD field map, the periodicity is not applied to the electrodes and drift areas… Do anyone know is it possible to get the whole track simulated in Garfield?

Thank you very much!


I am involving @hschindl .


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