Peak-to-background ratio for a double peak

I am trying to find the peak-to-background ratio for the second peak (peak 1),
Assuming from fitting, we have the
1.) Counts in Peak 0
2.) Counts in Peaks 1
3.) Total counts (Integral)

I think merely subtracting 3.) - 2.) - 1.) will give combined background (peak 0 + peak 1), however, I need background only under the second peak.

Can someone suggest a reasonable method for this computation?
Any hints/suggestions shall be highly appreciated. Thank You

Hi @utkarsh-2000,

thanks for reaching out!

I found here an interesting post with a similar scenario, i.e. two separated peaks for which you want separated backgrounds. There it is shown how to isolate constant backgrounds as well as how to generalise to linear backgrounds.

I hope it helps!

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hi @mdessole ,
thanks for sharing the interesting link.