Paw in ROOT

_ROOT Version:6.28
_Platform:Windows 11
_Compiler:MS Visual or gnu g++

I have cernliber libratties. I would like to use Paw in root to make n-tuples, but .L does not load libpawlib.a (there is no .so there).

How do I deal with this? Is there version of paw library that is compatible with ROOT?

Hi Arthur,

As the orc Gothmog said in LOTR 3, the age of men (PAW) is over the time of the orc (ROOT) has come :wink: . What is the point of loading PAW libraries into ROOT and then give PAW commands ?

Convert all your PAW files with h2root.

Here some pointers how to install that program.


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Thanks. I kind of figured out that myself. PAW does not seem to be available for Windows, though I can see there would be value in being able to access CERNLIB. I have worked out (having forgotten much) how to make an NTuple and plot it…

No need to remember all that stuff, some great ntuple tutorials here !

Concerning windows, @bellenot is the expert to ask (and of course balloons)

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Hi, FYI, there is no CERNLIB, nor PAW available on Windows.

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