Path/to/source installing ROOT on Ubuntu

I am currently installing ROOT on Ubuntu 14.04.

This is the most recent thing that I have done:

mkdir mybuilddir cd mybuilddir

It says to then enter the command “cmake path/to/source” with the path the the top of your ROOT source tree. What would I substitute for “path/to/source”? I have a folder called mybuilddir and my ROOT download is named rootubuntu14.gz.

You need the root sources uncompressed, say in a directory called /my/path/to/root.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake /my/path/to/root

When I try that, I get an error saying that the source directory does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt. How can I fix that?

Thank you!

Where did you download ROOT from?

rootubuntu14.gz -> gzip can only compress single files - this is not the “normal” download!
The filename should look like “root_v6.08.00.source.tar.gz” - i.e. it is a .tar.gz archive containing lots of files.

Goto: and download the root version that you need from there and try again.