Passing symbol from interpreter to library, workaround?


I am trying to use cling to compile some classes which have an extern global variable inside declared as:

extern Globals *gl ;

The Globals class compiles and I can instantiate:

root[2] .L Globals.cpp++
root[3] Globals *gl=new Globals(“MyGlobalFile.conf”)

I fail to compile classes with “extern Globals *gl;” line inside

.L MyLib.cpp++
[… some warnings ….]
cling::DynamicLibraryManager::loadLibrary(): /home/ssd/apps/TRICS/devel/ undefined symbol: gl

Any idea how I could solve it? Thank you

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_ROOT Version:6.16.00
_Platform:Ubuntu 16.04
_Compiler: gcc 5.4.0

The keyword extern means that we declare a variable which will be provided by another translation unit. This means that somewhere in a cpp file you should have the definition gl somewhere (like static Globals *gl`). Maybe if you reverse root[2] and root[3] it would work.

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Thank you! Your answer gave me the right hint. I solved it like this:

  1. Created simple cpp program where I define the external variable “gl”, like this:
#include "Globals.h"

Globals *gl ;

void LoadGlobals( TString fTRICS ) {
  gl = new Globals( fTRICS ) ;
  1. Then I compile it like:
    .L Globals.cpp++
    .L LoadGlobals.cpp++
    LoadGlobals( TString(“Config.file”) )

  2. I compile (with .L xxx.cpp++) all the other libs that use gl

Thank you very much for your help @vvassilev

Glad to hear you solved your issue!