Passing plotting options to TMultigraph in jsroot

I am using jsroot for plotting several plots. I use Multigraph.

I define a Multigraph with:

var mgraph = JSROOT.CreateTMultiGraph(obj);

where I add a TGraph obj. Then I want to add other TGraphs:

  • I tried mgraph.Add(ojb2), but it complained.Then I used:


following some other post, and it works:

However, I cannot figure out how to add the options to plot obj1 or ojb2. I want to plot obj with a line (histo) and obj2 with makers (“p”).

Any help would be appreciated.


Pablo Yepes


See for example:

[code] var npoints = 20;
var xpts=[];
var ypts=[];
for (var i=0; i<npoints; i++) {
switch(cnt%2) {
case 1 : xpts.push(i); ypts.push(5i); break;
default: xpts.push(i); ypts.push(i); break;
var graph1 = JSROOT.CreateTGraph(npoints, xpts, ypts);
graph1.fLineColor = 2;
graph1.fMarkerSize = 2;
xpts = [];
ypts = [];
for (i=0; i<npoints; i++) {
switch(cnt%2) {
case 1 : xpts.push(i); ypts.push(i
i); break;
default: xpts.push(i); ypts.push(Math.sqrt(i)); break;
var graph2 = JSROOT.CreateTGraph(npoints, xpts, ypts);
graph2.fLineColor = 3;
graph2.fMarkerSize = 2;

     var mgraph = JSROOT.CreateTMultiGraph(graph1, graph2);
     mgraph.fTitle = "Drawing " + cnt++;
     // set fixed Y-range if required
     // mgraph.fMinimum = 0;
     // mgraph.fMaximum = 400;
     JSROOT.redraw('object_draw', mgraph);[/code]

Cheers, Bertrand


If you need to set draw options for TGraph objects,
you need to construct TMultiGraph object yourself.

If you look in the JSROOT source code, it is not that difficult: … 1399-L1404

In your case:

      var mgraph = JSROOT.Create("TMultiGraph");
      mgraph.fGraphs.Add(graph1, "L");
      mgraph.fGraphs.Add(graph2, "P");

I hope, this will help.