Passing parameters to chain in selector

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I would like to pass a class with input parameters to a TChain and then run my selector. In PROOF I use

auto my_params  = new MyClassWithParameters("param");
// adding all info
//load and run
my_proof->Process(dataset, "MySelector.C+")

which works fine for my scripts. Is there an equivalent and fast way to implement this on a Chain?

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ROOT Version: 6.10/04
Platform: Not Provided
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TChain does not provide the same functionality.
Probably you can work around by instantiating the selector and adding my_params to its input list. Something like this:

auto my_params  = new MyClassWithParameters("param");
// Instantiate the selector
auto my_sel = TSelector::GetSelector("MySelector.C+");

You have to create the input list (protected member fInput) in the constructor of MySelector .

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G Ganis

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