Passed TEfficiency objects have different binning

Hello! I am looking at the efficiency between the noise and high et cells from each layer of the calorimeters. I have histograms defined for noise and et both with bin = 40. Et_hist.Print(“all”) and noise_hist.Print(“all”) show different centers for bins. TEfficiency.CheckConsistency(Et_hist, noise_hist) says that my histograms don’t pass because the bin edges are inconsistent. I honestly have absolutely no idea why. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

To use TEfficiency histograms should have same bins, otherwise it will not make much sense. You should ask yourself why the two histograms have different bins and what they represent. You might need to apply some corrections and make two new histograms which have the same binning in order to use TEfficiency.
How to proceed is more a data analysis question requiring knowledge of your problem than a ROOT one