Parts of the webpage unresponsive

When asking a new question the site provides helpful suggestions of existing questions:

However, as I click on them I cannot open them.
Also sometimes in the search field I can enter keywords but the function is unresponsive to Enter or mouse clicks.
I work with Mozilla Firefox 52.8.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.4.

Hi Viestrus,

thanks for reporting!



The forum will be updated in the coming days. I’ll try after the update and let you know.

Cheers, Bertrand.


The forum has just been updated and I don’t see any issue with it. Please let us know whenever it happens again.

Cheers, Bertrand.

The search function is unresponsive


and “Your topic is similar too …” is unresponsive too - you can click on them as many times you want and they wouldn’t open.

Nothing really has changed.

Sorry, but it works just fine for me… Did you try with a different browser/computer/location?

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