Parallel programing with ROOT

Dear Rooters,

Is it possible to do parallel programs with ROOT using TProof, TPacketizer, etc, in the same way as MPI or PVM?

Thanks, Luís

Hi Luís,

PROOF is used to do parallel analysis of large event collections using the TSelector model. It provides a higher level approach then MPI and PVM which provide a more generic parallel programming framework. What are you trying to accomplish?



Hi Maarten,

I would like to use ROOT in parallel programming, more exactly in a simulation with GEANT4. Currently I am using ROOT to do analysis and store data in a TTree. I would like to use PROOF to send/receive data packets through master/slave nodes in my simulation program. I guess is not possible (or easy) to do it.

I think should be interesting to ROOT users get the power of TPacketizer, TProof,etc available to their programms, instead of use PVM or MPI. Is it possible?

Cheers, Luís