Parallel MINUIT fit

This may be slightly off topic. Does anybody have any code example of a MINUIT
calculation in which the calculation of the function to be minimized is performed in
parallel by several machines (each of them making a calculation on a subset of the data) ?
Would PROOF help in doing any of this ? What I want to do in the function to be
minimized (a chi square) is to split the loop over N events into M machines
performing each a loop over N/M events… At the end I want to add the chi-square
from the M machines and pass it back to MINUIT before going on to the
next fit iteration.
I know that RooFit does something of this kind, but I suspect (didn’t check the
code) that it actually uses multithreading on a multiprocessor CPU machine. And
the answer to my problem may actually be to use something like PVM or MPI, I’m
just wondering if somebody had already done something like this, it would be a good
example to post…

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