Pan zoomed axis?

Dear root-ers,

I saw an old post (seems to me incomplete) with the same question I will ask here:

Is it possible to pan a zoomed axis?
The idea is to allow being in a zoomed view, and then allowing the user to move/pan the in-view data along the selected axis.
For example, that could be with click+dragging middle mouse button.

It would be excellent to have this in JSRoot views as well :slight_smile:

thank you

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Hi Emil,

Currently it is implemented with keyboards buttons.
Just try to press Left/Right/Up/Down buttons when area is zoomed.

I am not sure that dragging with middle-mouse button is intuitive.
Especially on platforms without middle mouse button at all.


Dear Sergey,

Didn’t know about the arrows; that’s excellent. Thanks.

I wonder if it would be possible for JSRoot on mobile to have somehow this functionality as well.
I understand JSRoot is not supposed to have everything, so no worries if not.


Hi Emil,

I implemented prototype in dev version that pressing middle button one can shift axes ranges.
It also should work on touch devices - when working with single finger.

You can try here:

Example page also should reasonably work now on tablets.


Dear Sergey,

it works fine, thank you!

A general thought about mobile experience, in case it is useful:
It could be better if single-finger operations on the mobile do not resize canvas/objects. I think this more often hampers the usage than helps by allowing resizing things.


Good idea.
I disable by-default move/resize actions on touch devices.
It can be enabled back using settings menu - available via canvas context menu.

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