Own Class and TH1F

Hi everybody,
I have a strange behaviour when I execute this program.
It’s a semplification of what i really do, but it represents
exactly the problem I have.
my_prog is the code and the other i s the library
I use them in this way: .L my_prog.C+
It creates, setups, and fills some historgams, but when It
writes them, they have no entries! Why???
Where I do wrong?

Thanks in advance

my_prog.C (649 Bytes)
my_class.h (1.42 KB)

I must say that you like complexity when things can be much simpler.
Anyhow, I modified your files such that at least you get a result.

my_class.h (1.46 KB)
MyProg.C (657 Bytes)

You are right!
Infact I try every time to get things more easier!