Outputting the correlation coefficients from TMinuit

I am running a 4 parameter fit using TMinuit. One of the things I am interested in is the values of the correlation coefficients. Currently they are just getting printed to screen at the end of the fit.

I have found that I can get the global coefficients by accessing fGlobcc but this does not seem to contain any other data. I also found I can get the covariance matrix by using the mnemat method but this is not what I want either.

Does anyone know how to access the correlation coefficients? I have pasted the output of the fitting program, I want access to the 4x4 symetric coefficient matrix at the bottom.

COVARIANCE MATRIX CALCULATED SUCCESSFULLY FCN=17131.4 FROM MIGRAD STATUS=CONVERGED 115 CALLS 116 TOTAL EDM=0.000148353 STRATEGY= 1 ERROR MATRIX ACCURATE EXT PARAMETER STEP FIRST NO. NAME VALUE ERROR SIZE DERIVATIVE 1 Ap 1.98754e-01 9.47457e-02 1.96971e-03 -4.40392e-01 2 Al 5.03658e-01 9.86247e-02 4.96715e-03 1.53630e-01 3 deltaG 1.79035e-01 3.91573e-02 1.11313e-03 3.44536e-01 4 gammaS 4.26888e-01 2.33252e-02 4.32256e-04 2.24381e+00 5 deltaM 1.64500e+01 constant 6 phiS 4.00000e-02 constant 7 delta1 0.00000e+00 constant 8 delta2 3.14159e+00 constant EXTERNAL ERROR MATRIX. NDIM= 25 NPAR= 4 ERR DEF=1 8.977e-03 4.594e-03 -3.052e-03 2.036e-03 4.594e-03 9.727e-03 -9.456e-04 7.094e-04 -3.052e-03 -9.456e-04 1.533e-03 -8.176e-04 2.036e-03 7.094e-04 -8.176e-04 5.441e-04 PARAMETER CORRELATION COEFFICIENTS NO. GLOBAL 1 2 3 4 1 0.94699 1.000 0.492 -0.823 0.921 2 0.61991 0.492 1.000 -0.245 0.308 3 0.89587 -0.823 -0.245 1.000 -0.895 4 0.95705 0.921 0.308 -0.895 1.000