Output file of ExrootAnalysis in MG5

Hi, all.
I have created a mc sample in mg5 and added the ExrootAnalysis package, the output root file is /Events/run_01/unweighted_events.root. But it only has three branch classes including Event, Rwgt and Particle while I can find much more branch classes like Muon, Electron, Jet and so on in the doc RootTreeDescription.html.
I don’t know if I have missed some configuring options. If anyone know how to add these branches, please tell me, thanks.
I’m also puzzled about the mother code in particle.mother1 and particle.mother2. There are only two number and I can’t use it to find mother particle.


Thanks for posting. This does not really look like a ROOT related question or problem, therefore it’s hard to help. We’ll leave the post here in case other visitors come up with a proposal perhaps…


Hi, Danilo,
Thanks for replying, I get it. But I am new to simulation. So if possible, could you please suggest me where I can find these discussing groups? Thank you!

Dear Wenjie,

Unfortunately, I would not be sure what to suggest in this case.


Hi @Wenjie

Madgraph has a forum as well, I would try there: Questions : MadGraph5_aMC@NLO


Hi, Marta
Thank you for your help!!

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