Ostringstream class of root v4.00/03 on cygwin/win2000

Look at the object histName, it is empty. So the output is strange.

root [0]
Processing ddeb.C…

go here i= 8

go here i= 7

go here i= 6
root [1]

But when you run it one by one line, you will find it acts normally.
I didn’t try other platform.
ddeb.C (381 Bytes)


If function seekp does not have a valid argument is set the string in fail mode (in other words disable it). You do

ostringstream histName; histName.seekp(0); where, at that time, 0 is NOT valid (because it is newly created with the default constructor). Remove that line and everything works as you expect.


Hi Phillippe,

Thank you very much.
I tried this code in linux(root 3.10/01). It worked normal.