OriginPro and root


just have a quick question: do you guys plan do explore with ROOT7 the possibility to manipulate a data file (ascii/dat file with several columns for instance) as easily as OriginPro can do, for instance:

I think this would be very interesting to have this capability for quick data manipulation, without having to write a code (only with GUI). And we won’t need to use another program… which would be great …

Thank a lot

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Good and very interesting idea!

Of course, we plan to support TTree::Draw functionality with ROOT7 graphics.
But here you propose to provide Excel-like GUI for TTree data with all correspondent possibilities to draw graphics. It is big and complex project, but potentially we could implement something like this - at least at prototype. In openui5 (used in ROOT7 as GUI library) there are many components, including reach table views:



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Maybe a work for a student :sweat_smile:


can’t wait to have this ROOT7 ! Do you have an idea when it will be released ?

Again, even though it must be a big project … I think it would be worth the effort to provide this kind of Origin/Excel-like GUI. Many times, to make quick plotting and data analysis, I had to end up using OriginPro because it is more efficient, but I would prefer doing everything with ROOT …

One ROOT to rule them all :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your work.



Many components for ROOT7 already there and continuously developed.
Very soon we should have major update in our RCanvas prototype.
Plus there are prototypes for RBrowser, RFitPanel, RGeomViewer.
All them still in “ROOT::Experimental” namespace -
mean we are not yet finalize them to the stable state.
I hope, this could happen with 6.22 ROOT release - mid of next year.
But you always can test them - just compile ROOT with -Droot7=on flag and check examples in tutorials/v7 subfolder