OpenMP and rootcling

I’m migrating to ROOT 6.06 from ROOT 5.34 and have a hit a snag.

I have a header file that includes <omp.h> and a class with some OpenMP types (some arrays omp_lock_ts), but rootcling can’t parse it, because I probably have to tell it to enable openmp support (-fopenmp or whatever). I tried naively passing it at the rootcint (really rootcling) but it doesn’t work. I think clang just recently got OpenMP support, so maybe that’s the problem?

As crazy as this sounds, what happends if you provided the absolute path to omp.h?(from GCC)

The path to omp.h is extremely system-dependent, so that’s not really a usable solution in my case (I didn’t try to see if it worked either).

I ended up just hiding it in an opaque object.