Opening root files through xrootd with ? in the url from the command line

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I appear to be able to read a root file through

from within root or c++ code (and presumably python will work as well.

I also appear to be able to use this kind of filename with hadd

What I fail to manage is opening the file with root from the command line:

any clues for the third item?
(I’m afraid non-LHCb members won’t be able to test with the file indicated.)

It’s too bad this question is still not answered. I think that the issue boils down to the treatment in TChain::Add and TChain::ParseTreeFilename ( … 3e947cedfa)

If I read this correctly, the problem comes in … tml#l02072, actually on line 2100 and 2136, where the question mark is not parsed correctly. An easy patch would be to put an exception of

if( filename.Contains("?svcClass=")){
	//parse correctly