Opening ROOT command line in a python script

Hi, I have a python script that fills a bunch of histograms. I’d love to have the possibility to open a ROOT prompt, while I’m still executing the python script, to interact with the histograms, without the need of quit the script and opening a separate ROOT application.

I have tried using


but as result the script just stops, no errors or any other messages.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Guido


that won’t work, but the opposite is possible: run the python script from CINT and drop back and forth between the two interpreters:[code]$ root
[0] TPython::Prompt()

execfile( “” ) # or import or however you run it
[1] // ROOT stuff here

[n] TPython::Prompt()


Note that state is preserved (i.e. the second call TPython::Prompt() has all the history etc. of the first call, as there is only one python interpreter for the duration of the program).