Opening remote root files using TBrowser

Hi all,
I have recently installed ROOT on ubuntu 20.04 downloaded from microsoft app store. Most things I want (including pyroot for both python2 and 3) work fine. But when I try to open remote root files using TBrowser, it shows “Error in TGClient::TGClient: can’t open display”. But opening local root files using TBrowser works fine. I connect to remote using ssh -Y, have xming installed, xrootd package is active and has been verified. My mac laptop which is connected to the same internet network does not have this issue.
Any help is greatly appreciated…

_ROOT Version:6.22
_Platform: Ubuntu 20.04 on windows 10
Compiler: Not Provided

So you start the TBrowser locally in Ubuntu, and then try to open a ROOT file remotely from the TBrowser? How?

No. I open root remotely before starting TBrowser.

Oh, OK. And XMing is running?


And you didn’t find any clue when searching the forum? Then I’m afraid I can’t help more…

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