Opening a root File

Goodmorning, I have a ROOT file cors_plot_gamma.root, how can I open it?
I read the instructions … 03s11.html, so

  1. I putted the file in the directory c:/root_v5.34.36
  2. I opened root
  3. I digited TFile f("cors_plot_gamma.root");
    but it doesn’t work (it give me error, see screenshot)

TFile not Tfile

Then try:
root [1]

Thanks pepe! you are right! that was the problem! I digited Tfile…!
just other question, look the screenshots, it looks like there aren’t events, but I remember my thesis superadvisor had the same problems and he resolved changing the scale (setting log scale) by the options of the grafic (not digiting root code…he setted it using a menù)…do you know this menù?