Opengl for Mac 10.4.8 in Root 5.14.00

Dear All,

I try to run ROOT 5.14.00 on a Mac with OSX 10.4.8. If I try to run the examples on $ROOTSYS/tutorial/gl I get a bus error, e.g. runing

.x glViewerLOD.C

gives a bus error. The canvas opens, but the program crashes.

Any help is welcome.

Thanks - Jochen

Could you try with version 5.15/02 ?


Dear All,

thanks a lot, I tryied it with 5.15.02 and seems to work.

But I get it also running now with 5.14 (!?). If I start root with the -l option it won’t work in both version. If I start root (without -l) it runs.