Obtaining PROOF performance data

Hi, is there any way to retrieve and print in text mode the performance parameters shown by the PROOF Query progress dialog?

I’m currently able to retrieve the accumulated data with TProofPerfAnalysys but i don´t how to retrieve attributes like events/sec, cpu/sec, etc…

Thank you.


Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, it is possible, PROOF fills a TQueryResult object that can be accessed via TProof::GetQueryResult.
See root.cern.ch/basic-processing#queryresult .

G Ganis

Hi ganis,

Thanks for you answer, it works perfectly but I have another question, as TProof::GetQueryResult retrieves the information about the last query, is there any method to retrieve information about the query during it’s execution ?

What I want to know is the evolution of the parameters every second.

Thanks for you attention,

Dear Noé,

No, currently this is not available.

What you can do is to dave the performance tree and have a post-query detailed analysis of the performance.
root.cern.ch/creating-and-savin … mance-tree

Hope it helps.

G Ganis