Obtaining interpreted variable name from compiled code


I’m tying to do some array index checking from within a member function in the compiled code which is called by Cint.

When an out of bounds array index is detected I would like to display the actual name of the variable as it was defined in Cint. Is this information possible to obtain from within the compiled code along with the Cint function it was called from ??


I think this is possible with reflex and exceptions.
Reflex is the cint reflection library.
The reflex doc is within the reflex/doc folder.
Visit this link if you want to know more about reflection in general:


Reflex is not used by the regular version of CINT. And CINT does not offer access to the arguments’ expressions nor to local variables. I cannot think of a way to retrieve the callstack, but the information is of course available. If you really need this feature you are welcome to implement it; I would of course help you with that!

Cheers, Axel.