Object name for TMatrixD


I would like to ask whether I can give an object name to a TMatrixD obejct or not.
I didn’t find any “SetName()” function for this problem but I would like to “name” my TMatrixDs as I can in the case e.g. the TH1 class.



Hi Balint,

Currently, TMatrixD inherits from TObject while TH1 inherits
from TNamed . Therefore, TH1 has the additional members
fName and fTitle .

Out of curiousity , why would you like to name te matrix ?
If you want a map between name and matrix, one could
use TMap together with TObjString and TMatrixD .


Hi Eddy,

I would like to give name to the matrices because these are calibration matrices that consists probabilities that I use for calibrating some kind of data. I have thousands of such matrices because I use a special kind of detector (x-ray CCD camera) which I have to calibrate for each pixel. So there are calibration matrices for each pixel, hence I need to make a map between the pixels and the matrices. The easiest way seems to be that I give the pixel coordinates as names to the matrices.

I’ll take a look at the TMap class.