NTuple::Draw and TH2F with "L" option

Dear Support,

I would like to plot two variable of a NTuple one vs the other, each bin being connected by a line. But the histograms drawing options have little effect when used in NTuple, especially the “L” one. Note that this “L” draw option doesn’t work neither for TH2F histo.
Is there a way to draw x vs y, each point being connected by a line?

The “L” option works for a TGraph. But a TGraph is not always convenient since we cannot make cuts easily… But perhaps I missed something.
Thanks for your help!

I use ROOT version 3.10/00 with Linux RH9.

Guillaume Blanc

Move to version 4.00/02 and do something like
tree.Draw(“y:z”,“some cut”,“l”)

You will see a set of points connected by a line.