Ntuple and tree entries

i want to ask you about my programme i said for you before the problem in enteries
i need to fill the tree for three times but when i check it with the ntuple graph it have different entries
i remove two Fill place use just one position in values1[0]…values1[5] the number of enteries correct for both in branch TBrowser b and in ntuple Draw just for these variable but for the values1[6]…values1[9] was different …does this mean my work wrong
Or return to fill my tree for three times and said the number of enteries related to how many times i Fill tree and the differences at the enteries in branch and ntuple is normal and not wrong

please help me in explaining this i need to know the correct solution

thanks in advanced


I am not sure what you tried and how it is failing. The best would be if you show us the code you are running and how it is failing (how the output is different from what you expect).