Ntuple and TGraphErrors

I haven’t found this in documentation or on RootTalk…

Is it possible, to draw explicitly from ntuple a graph with error bars? I mean something like

ntuple->Draw(“x:y:errx:erry”, “”, “*”);

where errx and erry ofcourse are not 3rd and 4th dimension, but uncertainties. I know the way with getting values from TTree and initializing a new TGraphErrors with them, but such a short way as I mentioned above would be nice.

There is a workaround here.

But anyway, such an option would indeed be very helpful, the workaround being ineffective if you have to post-process the tree/tuple data before to plot it, which becomes quite painful if you have many data sets.

I already use the workaround. However, ntuple allows 2-line code for drawing graph from any column-based text file, which is a very nice thing. But it does not allow the same thing for graph with error bars, which is… strange. Noone has to explain how often graphs with error bars are plotted. And looking at the workaround - implementing this feature should be very easy…