NTUPLE and Python. How Does NTUPLE work?

I am working with a .root file. I wanted to know how NTuple works and what exactly it is used for.
I have a .root file and I open it with:

fp = ROOT.TFile("file.root", "READ") # Opens the file

What can NTuple do if I extract only data lines from the .root file and do some calculations for each data line and then fill a histogram.
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In the example provided in the first link you have what does the third term mean:

// Fill an n-tuple and write it to a file simulating measurement of
// conductivity of a material in different conditions of pressure
// and temperature.

void write_ntuple_to_file(){

   TFile ofile("conductivity_experiment.root","RECREATE");

   // Initialise the TNtuple
   TNtuple cond_data("cond_data",
                     "Example N-Tuple",

I.e what does “Potential:Current:Temperature:Pressure” mean or do?

Those are the names of the data columns.

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