NPM/Webpack situation of the JSROOT

Dear ROOT developers,

are there any news regarding the npm issue? (

Importing jsroot downloaded from npm repository (npm install jsroot) into my vue.js project via
import jsroot from "jsroot";
gives the error

These dependencies were not found:

* JSRoot3DPainter in ./node_modules/jsroot/scripts/JSRootGeoPainter.js
* JSRootCore in ./node_modules/jsroot/scripts/JSRoot.openui5.js, ./node_modules/jsroot/scripts/JSRootGeoBase.js and 8 others

is there maybe a workaround for this issue? I can’t really ditch the build system as my end goal is to have both web and an electron-based “native” app using shared source.

I wanted to have a technical-demo of a sort before creating a repository but I’ll create one with the code I have if this is going to provide any help.


Up to now there is no webpack support in JSROOT.
It requires significant redesign of many components.
I want to have it, but did not find time to make it.
Any contributions are welcome.