Notification problem in TChain


I’m not able to use the notification feature of TTree/TChain in CINT interpreter.
I’ve attached a simple example.
If I run it in CINT like in:

NotifyTest("treename", "*.root")
(using any tree in any sequence of ROOT files), the TChatter object stays quiet. If I compile NotifyTest.C with an external compiler, it works just fine. I also tried to add ClassDef/ClassImp macros with no news.
Am I doing something wrong?

I tried to compile with ACLiC too, but it complains it can’t load compiled library due to undefined symbols (they are from libTree, I guess, and I’m not able enough to cope witht this problem).

ROOT version: 5.16/00
NotifyTest.C (1.07 KB)


You can not overload compiled virtual function with an interpreted function (at least not easily), hence you must compile your code in order for it to work.

I am not able to reproduce your problem with ACLiC.
However, in order to generate/compile the code, I had to make sure CINT could see the ClassDef.