Not showing all the tests in TMVA-DNN

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to run tests in the master branch (updated) of TMVA-DNN. There are in-total 33 DNN tests and 13 CNN tests. I’m running tests using ctest -R "TMVA-DNN*" -j4 for DNN tests and for CNN tests, I’m running ctest -R "TMVA-DNN-CNN*" -j4.

For the DNN tests, it only shows me 7 tests being passed and shows in-total 7 tests. Also, when I perform CNN tests, it says “no tests were found!”

It would be great if anyone can help me out where I’m doing the mistake. My working machine - Mac OS High Sierra v10.13.1

Hi and welcome to the forums :wink:

What build options did you pass to cmake when you configured the project?
What is the contents of the $ROOTSRC/tmva/tmva/test/DNN and $ROOTSRC/tmva/tmva/test/DNN/CNN directories?

A posting of the output of ´cat $ROOTSRC/tmva/tmva/test/DNN/CNN/CMakeLists.txt´ could also be helpful!


Hi @kialbert :slightly_smiling_face:

I used cmake -Dtesting=ON ../from root directory and then cmake --build .

A posting of the output of ´cat $ROOTSRC/tmva/tmva/test/DNN/CNN/CMakeLists.txt´ could also be helpful!

I’m getting this output:

~/Desktop/gsoc-rnn/root [master] $ cat $ROOTSRC/tmva/tmva/test/DNN/CNN/CMakeLists.txt
cat: /tmva/tmva/test/DNN/CNN/CMakeLists.txt: No such file or directory

Although, I looked into the CNN/CMakeLists.txt, it exists.


Ah, then make sure you have checked out the master branch or that you have pulled in recent changes!


Hi @kialbert

Thank you for helping me out. I was building the project in wrong way due to which it was not showing all tests. I’ve now build it correctly and running the tests command is showing me all the tests. :slightly_smiling_face:

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