Normalize histogram and triangle histogram

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I want to normalize a histogram that I have, but for this normalize I wanted to do it with the number of events and Bin width, I mean scale with (Number of events/Bin width).
I tried to follow this Topic Different ways of normalizing histograms, but it only normalizes with 1.

The second question is that I want to book a histogram, but setting the set bin on a way that is a triangle, does someone knows how to do that?

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No idea what you want to achieve.
You can, e.g., try: h->Scale(h->GetEntries(), "width");

For non-rectangular bins (2D case only), you can try: TH2Poly and / or TProfile2Poly

This h->Scale(h->GetEntries(), "width"); works good

But about the triangle, I’m asking for the case of a TH1D, to book a histogram where I can set the bins on a way that is a triangle. This is to compare with a delta eta in a collision.

For the 1D case (TH1), the x-axis can have either fix or variable bin sizes (but they are always 1D “line segments”, of course).

Thank you for all your help

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