Normalization of RooHistPdf

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I created a RooHistPdf by passing a TH1 object to a RooDataHist and then using the RooDataHist to create a RooHistPdf. I am curious about 1) how the normalization is calculated in this basic case and 2) how to correctly get this normalization value. At least to my understanding, when converting a histogram to a pdf in regular ROOT, one can scale the histogram by hist->Integral(“width”) to make the histogram have unit area. Is this connected to how RooFit does it? Any explanation is appreciated!

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RooFit automatically calculates the normalisation when it’s necessary (e.g. when you fit).
You can read a bit about normalisation of all RooFit PDFs here:

To see what’s being used to normalise, you can to three things:

  • getVal() returns the bare unnormalised value
  • getVal(x) returns the normalised value assuming the the PDF integrated over the variable x has to have unit norm
  • getNorm(x) returns the integral of the PDF over x that you need to divide the result of getVal() by to get a normalised PDF.

In the case a of a histogram, the normalisation should simply be the total entry count. If the entries are weighted, it should be the effective entries, i.e. Sum(weight).

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Ah. I see. That clears things up for me. Thanks!