No StreamerInfo

Hello everyone, I’m having issues with the interaction between ROOT and G4beamline. I created a root file emulating a target file to be given as input to g4beamline. G4beamline then gives as output another root file which is supposed to contain information about the particles carried out through the beamline via detectors place along the line. This process works fine in principle, however recently I created an input root file using JupyROOT 6.22 which results in the following error whenever I try to open the resulting output file created by g4beamline.

Attaching file T8_test.root as _file0...
Warning in <TFile::Init>: no StreamerInfo found in T8_test.root therefore preventing schema evolution when reading this file. The file was produced with version 5.34/36 of ROOT.
(TFile *) 0x1d40290

Is there anyone that could help me understand the nature of such an error?
Thank you very much.

Usually this means that the Write was not called on the file (pointer). This can be due to code omission or an early process termination.

Hi pcanal, thank you for the attention.
Do you mean by g4beamline?

Yes, the g4beamline process probably somehow failed.

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