No new snapshot ROOT docker image

I am using the snapshot ROOT docker image to try out new features landing in the master branch once in a while.

I noticed that the image has not been updated for more than a week now, when it is supposed to be

the last working commit in the ROOT master branch that passed all tests.

Is this due to a bug in the system producing the docker images or did just no recent commit pass all tests?
This is the commit it says it is based on:

From heads/master@v6-11-02-15-g386aea2, Oct 08 2017, 15:04:00

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We’ve had a few infrastructure issues in the past week. I just launched a new docker build by hand. If some tests fail and it doesn’t push the new image, I will have a look and fix so we can get a new snapshot. Thanks for using the container and reporting the issue!


I guess it did not work? Because I see no updated image.

Yeah, there is one test failing. It’s already being worked on, so I hope that we will have a new image soon.

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