No module named ROOT while executing script in windows

I am trying to run a .py script (that refers to diffierent root libraries) on Windows10, using the powershell. I get an error message:
ImportError: No module named ROOT.
Tried to follow the threads dealing with missing root and pyroot modules, but was not able to resolve the problem. I also tried in Pengwin Enterprice to execute the line:
sudo yum install -y root python3-root
that would give me back: No package root available.
No package python3-root available.
How do I resolve this?

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_ROOT Version:_6.22.02
Platform: Windows10
Compiler: PowerShell

How did you install ROOT? Did you call root\bin\thisroot.bat before starting Python?

By the installation file for windows. No, I didn’t call the thisroot.bat. Actually, I am calling teh .py script by a .sh file

So please call root\bin\thisroot.bat to properly set-up the environment variables, or do it manually by adding the ROOTSYS environment variable (pointing to your root install location), add %ROOTSYS%\bin to your PATH, and add %ROOTSYS%\bin to your PYTHONPATH. BTW, I’m not sure it will work from PowerShell. And note also that PyROOT might not be fully working on Windows

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