No member named 'TDataFrame' in namespace 'ROOT::Experimental'

Trying to launch the next code

ROOT::EnableImplicitMT(); // Tell ROOT you want to go parallel
ROOT::Experimental::TDataFrame d(“myTree”, file); // Interface to TTree and TChain
auto myHisto = d.Histo1D(“Branch_A”); // This happens in parallel!

When launching there are shown error that “No member named ‘TDataFrame’ in namespace ‘ROOT::Experimental’”. What’s the problem ?

Hello @SergeyAmirkhanyan ,

ROOT::Experimental::TDataFrame was the old (experimental) name of ROOT::RDataFrame and and it has not been called like that in years. If you found that in official ROOT documentation please let us know, we should fix it.

The docs for the latest ROOT release are at ROOT: ROOT::RDataFrame Class Reference .


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