No member named 'SetXYZ' in 'TVectorT<float> i am facing this type of problem

no member named ‘SetXYZ’ in 'TVectorT
i am facing this type of problem firstly i thought that maybe the library had not built so i built it again but problem still same also i installed the latest version but facing the same problem please help me what should i do

Could you give more details about what exactly you want to do?

actually i want to configure pythia with root so i did as the procedure but example in root which based on pythia is not running and also i don’t know which version is the best if you have something which can help please help me

What is the procedure you are following and is failing?

I just followed the instructions given in tifr manual and in the last at 94 % it failed
Make1 waiting for unfinished jobs…
Recipe for target all failed

I’m sorry, but I do not know what the tifr manual is. Can you please point me, if possible, to where these instructions are published?

I got the problem actually file is missing and it is not present in any version of pyhtia I rebuilt pythia but problem is same
Is it bossible to add library externally

So you are building pythia yourself but is not created?

@amadio perhaps you can infer what the problem is here?

Sir I have finally made it. Thank you for your time. The problem is with which I externally downloaded and then I configure pythia

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