No ICON in ROOT 5.08 on win32

From: Dieter Notz
To: Root Team, CERN
Date: 20. 4. 2006
Concerns: No ICON in ROOT 5.08 on win32

Dear ROOT team,

the icon in the top left corner is no longer there.
I saw it first in the DESY-ZEUS event display.

Even if one downloads the binary version of 5.08
for win32 and if one starts root and uses in the
tutorials .x demos.C and calls “first” or other
programs the ICON is not shown.

In gui/src/TGFrame the routine SetIconPixmap is called.
The tutorial routines want to display “macro_s.xpm” which
is available.

In the root version 3.10 the icons were visible.

Dieter Notz

Hi Dieter,

Well, it is interesting, since this problem appears only when the Apparance of the Windows (in Display Properties) is set to “Windows XP style”. Setting it to “Windows Classic style” doesn’t create the problem.
I will fix this. Thanks for reporting it.


Hi Dieter,

This is fixed now in CVS.