No Graphics in Jupyter Notebook using C++ Kernel


I am trying to use C++ ROOT in a jupyter notebook/jupyter lab. Mostly it seems to work fine, but no graphics are being displayed.

It’s the same behavior no matter how the notebook is run (jupyter lab, root --notebook, etc). It is also the same regardless of %jsroot on, %jsroot off, etc. Theres nothing in the browser console that seems problematic, and here’s is what the terminal displays

I would appreciate if anyone has any advice or thoughts

Using ROOT 6.28/00 for macOS arm64, installed via conda.


Hi and welcome on the forum.

Can you try normal python kernel, does it work for you?

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Hi, thanks for the welcome!

It does work with normal python, but not pyroot

EDIT: I found some other examples online and it does seem to work, I just needed to add it to a canvas and show that. I was thinking it would work similarly to the command line which doesnt require that. Thanks!

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