No current signal was obtained

Hello,I want to use the


class to get the induced current of electrons and ions. I calculated the gas table and imported it into the program. But in the end, no current signal was obtained, and it was a blank.

The figure below is the result I got after running my code.

This is my code.

sdj.C (8.0 KB)

I look forward to your answer very much.

Not sure… Can you plot the weighting potential?

Today I replaced the DriftLineRKF with AvalancheMC, so that I can get the induced current signal.
It’s weird.

Yes, that’s weird, I need to look into that…

I added a line of code, and then I got the current signal.

I guess maybe , UseWeightingPotential is off by default.

Hmm… yes, by default DriftLineRKF uses the weighting field instead of the weighting potential for calculating the induced current.

Great that you made it work! I will do a bit of debugging to understand why using the weighting field didn’t work…

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