No Canvas in root notebook while pc is offline

while net is well, the notebook works well, although it displays the Canvas slowly. Once my pc is offline, the canvas go to white.

I notice while I run notebook, lower-left corner of the browser show some js files are loading from https://root… website. So I try to give an insight into the configuration of notebook.

I find some hrefs in $ROOTSYS/etc/notebook/JsMVA/js/JsMVA.js.

var JSROOT_source_dir = "";

so I visit this website:

Maybe I could download this js files and replace the refs. I’m not sure if it will works.

unfortunately, more links appears in those new js files.

Anyone has an awesome way to let it works well offline?


Yes, JSROOT-based canvas display works only with internet connection.
You could download latest JSROOT version and install it locally.
Then you need to configure http server which serves these files.
And as last - you need to replace URL. It is in jsMVA.js and some other files.


ok. I will try. :thinking: thank you~

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